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Other Prints & Products
In addition to Giclee prints, Deanna has all of her original colored pencil drawings available in small prints (prints are 5x7, and are all matted in 8x10 off-white mats) These items come in an off-white mat and are bagged; they will fit into any 8x10 standard frame. 

All print are $5!!!

These prints are all $5, plus tax.

$5 Johns Sushi

$5 Stop in the Name of Love

$5 Sliced

$5 Mmm... Sandwich

$5 Purple Lolli

$5 Pink Lolli

$5 Peeled

$5 Orange Ya Glad I Didnt Say Banana?

$5 Muffins Are Just Ugly Cupcakes

$5 Lollipop Spotlight

$5 The Lipstick Effect

$5 The Herbaceous Fruit of the Genus Musa

$5 Death by Chocolate

$5 The Cycle of Life

$5 Blue Lolli

Deanna has also created prints based off of her Festival Exclusive Originals. These prints include the same textured papers and materials as the originals; however, the portions of the original drawing done in colored pencil are reproductions. These prints are matted in off-white mats and bagged.

Prices range from $25 - $30, depending on the size of the print.

Photos coming soon. 

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